Airtel ATN Wins Contract with INDRA to support Data Link Communication in Lithuania

Airtel ATN have won a contract to provide the Air/Ground Data Link Server (AGDLS) and ATN Test Tools to INDRA as part of the Air Traffic Management upgrade of Oro Navigacija, Lithuania’s Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP). The upgrade will allow Oro Navigacija to provide Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) for flights operating in their airspace.

Flights are forecast to increase from 10 million to 16.9 million in Europe by 2030 (SESAR2020) and the implementation of CPDLC is key to increasing Air Traffic Control efficiency and safety by eliminating operational problems inherent in voice communication.

As the deadline approaches, and Data Link in Europe becomes an operational reality, there has been a significant increase in requests for both Airtel ATN’s operational Data Link systems and test tools. Currently over 6 ANSPs in Europe are Data Link enabled with Airtel ATN software including the Irish Aviation Authority, NavPortugal and the Czech Republic.

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